Replacement Tape - PRO FLEX II - Tabs (120 Pieces)

There are 10 sheets of tabs in the package. Each sheet contains 12 pieces of double-sided tape.

Pro Flex II is the longest holding tape on the market for your hair extensions.  This tape uses acrylic adhesive for the strongest hold, and a plyurethane carrier to keep the flexible.  One side is optimized for hair adhesion and the other is designed to bond to the hair extension. This allows for a stronger and more secure hold with the quickest cleanup on the market.

Expect an effortless 6-8 week hold time without slippage, but through testing, it will hold up to 10 weeks. This tape loves heat. When using the sandwich method, it is wise to flat iron the tape to allow the glue to bond to the hair.

After applying to hair, allow at least 24hrs before washing, to allow time for the tape glue to set.

Recommended remover for this tape is Extension Release.

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